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      "Were you reared on this barony, Margaret?" resumed the baron.She never asked Dansay to marry her. He had given her pretty clearly to understand that he was not a marrying man, and she was terrified of doing or saying anything that might turn him against her. One of the things about her that charmed him most was the absence of all demand upon him. She never asked for presents, and the few things he bought her stimulated both her humble gratitude and her alarm lest he should have spent too much money. One day he suggested that he should take her to Boarzell Fair.

      The song with its hearty callousness broke strangely into the dusk and Caro's palpitating dreams. Something about it enticed and troubled her; the singer was coming nearer.I adore my new parish, he said. I was almost afraid when I took the living I should find too little to do. But coming home late last night from a bedside, if I saw one drunken man I must have seen twenty, some roaring drunk, some simply stupidly drunk, dear fellows! I asked two of them to come home with me, and have another drink, and there was I in the middle with two drunken lads, one with a black eye, reeling along Alfred Street. I dont know what my parishioners must have thought of their new pastor. You should seen my housekeepers face, when I{56} told her that I had brought two friends home with me.

      "Master Oakley, the thing is quite different," replied the galleyman. "To cheat a fool of a piece of coin, is what neither you nor I would think much about; but to rob a poor, helpless old woman of her lifeto hang her up at a gallows, and then to bury her like a heathen, where four roads meetno, no; that must not be."


      What business had old Lardner to have a natural son? Never had the laws of morality seemed to Reuben so august and necessary as then, or their infringement more contemptible. He was filled with a righteous loathing of this crapulous libertine who perpetuated the vileness of some low intrigue by bequeathing his worldly goods to his bastard. Meantime his virtuously married niece was put off with fifty pounds and some trashy furniture. Reuben fairly grovelled before the seventh commandment that afternoon.


      We must find a wife for him, she said. I dare say we shall be able to fit him out with a wife. He seems a polite sort of young man too. I shouldnt wonder if plenty of our Bracebridge young ladies would be willing to become Mrs Silverside, or whatever the mans name is.


      If you think it best, I will, she said. Whatever we do, dont let us waste time here.