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      "It would be well, my good friend, if all men observed their vows as religiously as you do."

      So they parted.

      I have looked through your testimonials, Miss Propert, he said, and they seem satisfactory. Your work will be to take down my correspondence in the morning, in shorthand, and bring it back typewritten for signature after luncheon. The hours will be from nine till five, with an hours interval, Saturday half day. Your salary will be twenty-five shillings a week.

      "Havehave you been here long?" stammered David, feeling he must say something.

      "Your servant...."

      He kicked Robert, and called up Richard to drive the cart over to Rye.



      And the fasting Pharisee."


      It was reported that the Lady Isabella had been in a state of great excitement from the moment of perusing the parchmentthat she had urged De Boteler to make the required vow, alleging that if the contract was not fulfilled, the engagement would, of course, be voidand, it was added, that De Boteler himself, had at first appeared disposed to comply; but, on further consideration, had resolved to wait till something further should transpire.