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      Beware, Periphas! Dont drive Lyrcus to frenzy. He will then be capable of anything.And I will go with you, said Ada in a strained voice. It is time I went home.

      She snatched it from him and pressed the hand in which it was gripped against her throbbing heart. Trafford gazed at her with a smoldering fire in his eyes, his teeth clinched.Byssa, speak! What is it? asked Lyrcus, amazed at the excitement in which he found his wife.

      Esmeralda smiled.

      "Why, that's my photograph," she said. "And this--this is his watch--watch and chain." She dangled them. A light frown came and went between her smiles.

      "But have you heard noth--?"

      Still hanging to his hands she pushed them off at arm's-length: "Oh, my Hilary, my hero, my love, my life, my commander, go!" And yet she clung. She drew his fingers close down again and covered them with kisses, while twice, thrice, in solemn adoration, he laid his lips upon her heavy hair. Suddenly the two looked up. The omnibuses were here in the grove.


      Mr. Howard, I think? he said.


      You will tell him so, and he will believe you. The inside of the cave is yours; no one shall molest you. You will be compelled to stay here only a few days, until everything is arranged between the Pelasgians and Cychreans.


      She is surpassing herself to-night, Trafford, he said. Dont let her tire herself too much. She is very precious to meas to you."All working together they do it," said the girl. Really she had no such belief, but Irby's poor wits were so nearly useless to her that she found amusement in misleading them.