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      You all thought of yourselves and your family pride, andnothing of me! she went on, after a pause. I was only a nobody, something little more than the girls who work in the fields: why, I am little better!"We have a few paltry things, of course," she spoke on, "but barely would they pay half. They would neither save our honor, neither leave us anything for rent or bread! Our house, to be sure, is worth more than we have borrowed on it, but in the meantime--"

      With glad eyes Kincaid rose from a log.



      Go now, Ada, he said, and his voice was almost harsh through the intensity of his emotion. There is no use in staying. Some one will come in.


      There goes the best man weve got on show in these[309] parts. The gentleman to whom he spoke turned a somewhat pale and weary face to the coachman.