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      "What? Kincaid's Bat--?"The girl blandly laughed: "You venerable ingrate!"

      For all his nonchalance and sang-froid, Varley was rather startled.


      You can make up the rest, eh, Varley? said Taffy. We sent ours by the bank agent yesterday; you wasnt in the saloon when he came, and youve got enough at the hut, havent you?


      "Louisiana Foot-Rifles--ah! but their true name," she protested, "are the Chasseurs--Pied! 'Twas to them my papa billong' biffo' he join' hisseff on the batt'rie of Captain Kincaid, and there he's now a corporeal!"Come! he said, and with resolute authority led his wife out of the room.


      Lady Wyndover gazed at him with a certain doubt mixed with her awe and admiration.