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      Mrs. Masters trembled a little under the rebuke, but she showed no sign of repentance. "I'm only repeating what's said," she remarked. "An' for all I know it might have been the Devil. It says in the Bible that he's to be unbound for a thousand years, and I'm sure he might just as well come here as elsewhere for a start. The place is wicked enough."

      "The first things we looked at in our shopping tour were silks, and we found them of all kinds and descriptions that you could name. There were silks for dresses and silks for shawls, and they were of all colors, from snowy white to jet-black. Some people say that white and black are not colors at all; but if they were turned loose among the silks of Canton, perhaps they might change their minds. It is said that there are fifty thousand people in Canton engaged in making silk and other fabrics, and these include the embroiderers, of whom there are several thousands. Chinese[Pg 418] embroidery on silk is famous all over the world, and it has the advantage over the embroidery of most other countries in being the same on one side that it is on the other. We have selected some shawls that we think will be very pretty when they are at home. They are pretty enough now, but there are so many nice things all around that the articles we have selected look just a little common.Charlton did so. There was a blank surprise on his face.

      "But will those people be punished eventually?"

      The Clockwork man suddenly turned round. Immediately afterwards the Doctor became aware of a series of loud popping noises, accompanied by the sound of tearing and rending. Simultaneously, some hard object hit him just over the eye, and the walls and ceiling of the little room were struck sharply by something violently expelled. And then he felt himself being pushed gently away by some pressure that was steadily insisting upon more space.

      But what nonsense this is, said Keeling angrily. As if I couldnt find her in a week for myself.

      "Never mind," said Gregg, cheerfully, "it's all in the game."


      She has never mentioned her father to me. Was hewell, the sort of man whom the County Club would not have blackballed?



      It was all happening exactly as Keeling had{323} anticipated, and he laughed for joy, as he stepped inside.No, she shant talk and cry. Ill take care of that. Ill act policeman. But I cant promise you that shell understand. I should think nothing more unlikely.