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      "Upon my soul," cried the curate, "I don't believe that wedded love is affected by any difference of years. Desdemona loved Othello, who was a man of mature age"

      Un instant seulement mes lvres ont press

      One of Davids most rising pupils before the Revolution was young Isabey, son of a peasant of Franche Comt, who had made money and was rich.But her household difficulties were serious. Any persons who have passed their youth in ease and comfort, and then find themselves obliged to arrange their lives upon a totally different scale, will understand this. The petty economies which their soul abhors, the absurd mistakes they continually make, often with disastrous results, the perplexity caused by few and incompetent servants, and the doubt as to whether, after all, their expenses will not exceed their resources, hang like millstones round their inexperienced necks in any case.


      "My dear Mayne, a family ghost is as respectable an institution as a family tree."


      "I don't think it would make much difference to a man who fell over the edge whether he fell here or in the Isle of Thanet," said Martin Disney, as he stood, with his arm drawn through his wife's, sweeping the prospect with his field glass.


      Madame, si cest possible cest fait; si cest impossible, cela ce fera. [30]