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      A gypsy-table was already laid in the hall.Two or three men scrambled down and were instantly surrounded, but the coachman did not move for a minute; then he turned to some one on the seat behind him and said something.

      But, dearest, remonstrated Lilias, gently, you are Traffords wife, the dukes daughter, and, of course, the mistress of the house. You must take the lead; and how well you will do it! she added, admiringly.

      And now her senses began feebly to regather within truer limits and to tell her she was lying on the rooty ground of a thicket. Dimly she thought to be up and gone once more, but could get no farther than the thought although behind her closed lids glimmered a memory of deadly combat. Its din had passed, but there still sounded, just beyond this covert, fierce commands of new preparation, and hurried movements in response--a sending and bringing, dismissing, and summoning of men and things to rear or front, left or right, in a fury of supply and demand.


      Trafford took her down to the stables on the morning after her arrival, and Esmeralda went from stall to stall, loose box to loose box, and was introduced to each horse in turn; and was so fearless and full of admiration and delight that she won the heart of the head groom, who waxed eloquent about her when she and Trafford had gone off to see the House Farm.


      You do her an injustice, Ada, he said. She sets no value on the title or the position. No one could think less of it than she does.Its the steak! she said.


      Isnt it a terrible fuss! she said, with a smile, as she put up her lips for him to kiss.