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      "He don't belong to our regiment."Si whistled softly to himself. "I'll do it. Shorty," he said, and repeated the address to make sure.

      "Well, as I was going to tell you, I have been back to Tullahoma several times since you captured me, unt I have got the express lines between here unt there running pretty well. I have to tell them all sorts of stories how I got away from the Yankees. Luckily, I have a pretty good imagination, unt can furnish them with first-class narratives.Sandy discerned instantly that he was looking at the pilot who had handled the control job on the amphibian during the recent excitement.

      I wouldnt chance swimming all the way down the swamps to the nearest village on shore, Larry said quietly.

      A broad-shouldered Provost-Sergeant walked through the car, with an air of authority, and gave orders to several who were seated in it."Chiggers, jiggers, chigoes pulex penetrans," answered the Surgeon. "They are a great pest in the tropics, where the people go barefooted and do not take any care of their feet. This is the first time that I have ever heard of them being so far north. But there is no doubt about their being chiggers. They burrow in under the skin, and cause a great deal of suffering. Some of the men's hands and fingers are also affected by them. They are terrible things to deal with when they once get the start. If this thing goes on, not a man in the regiment will be able to walk a step."

      "But, Shorty, you are goin'. You must go. I won't go if you don't."That doesnt explain this-here gum, objected Jeff.

      He pulled hard at the carpetsack, and Deacon Klegg resisted with all his sturdy might. His strength was quite a match for the Sergeant's, but other soldiers came to help the latter. The handles came off in the struggle, and the Deacon was forced down into his seat. The other man took advantage of the confusion to work his way through the crowd to the door and jump off. This angered the Sergeant, and coming back to where Mr. Klegg sat, exhausted and intensely mad, he said:


      Si instinctively felt for the letter in his own pocket. "Very well," he said, "if you feel as if you must go I'll go along."


      "Le' me up, 'Frony," pleaded the man, "an' then we kin talk this thing over."