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      "Aye, Sir Treasurer, thou hast reason to sink thy head! Thy odious poll-tax has mingled vengeancenay, bloodwith the cry of the bond."

      So no constable called at Odiam the next morning, and at breakfast the whole Backfield family discussed the Squire's loss, with the general tag of "serve him right!"The request was not so much the outcome of passion as might have been imagined from the form it took. It was true that he was deeply enamoured of her, but it was also true that for three months he had endured the intoxication of her presence without definitely, or even indefinitely, claiming her for his own. He had held himself back till he had thoroughly weighed and pondered her in relation to his schemeshe was not going to renounce Alice for a wife who would be herself a drawback in another way.

      "Yes.""I'm sorry," he said in a low thick voice"I'm sorry I interrupted yourcrying."

      And now Helper is going to ask questions, she said, formally adopting the name. She wants to know if poor parson has been good, and not been overworking himself.

      "Will you not look at the little babe?" said Margaret, anxious to turn the current of her husband's thoughts.

      Certainly it is not Miss Julia Fyson, he exclaimed, in great dismay. For the moment his chronic fatuous complacency in the possession of his habitual adorers quite faded from his mind. They were intended to adore him tenderly, reverentially, fervently, but not to make proposals of marriage to him. He really did not care if he never put his arm round Julia Fysons waist again.


      "The baron has pledged himself that, if your intelligence and services are such as you hinted at, you may claim your own reward."The Sluice at Scott's Floatand then drive on to Dover


      It was not from Pete that Reuben first heard of his daughter's goings-on. Caro's benevolent trust in humanity had been misplaced, and at the Seven Bells where he called for a refresher on arriving at Rye station, various stragglers from Boarzell eagerly betrayed her, "just to see how he wud t?ake it."


      "By the green wax! our friend counsels well."